Design and Value Engineering Services

  • 3D Structure Information Modeling
  • Medium Voltage Installation
  • Low Voltage Distribution System
  • Compensation & Harmonic Filter System
  • Redundant Power System Identification and Distribution System
  • Uninterruptible Power System Identification and Distribution System
  • Grounding System
  • Lightning Protection System
  • Cable Tray System
  • Internal Lighting System
  • Special Lighting System
  • External Lighting System
  • Emergency Lighting System
  • Power Socket Distribution System
  • Mechanical Equipment Supply Distribution System
  • Lighting Control System
  • Communication and Structured Cabling System
  • Fire Alarm and Alarm System
  • Music Broadcasting System
  • Emergency Announcement System
  • CCTV System
  • Card Access and Security System
  • Central Time System
  • Intercom System
  • Nurse Call System
  • Satellite and Central Antenna System
  • Parking Barrier and Orientation System
  • Counter Billing System
  • Conference & Seminar Rooms Special Systems
  • Exproof Distribution System

Consulting and Testing & Commissioning Services

General Project Management Systems

  • Determination of Project Design Standards and Strategies
  • Preparation of Budget
  • Tracking of Project Design Process
  • Management of the Bids
  • Site Installation Services
    • Tracking of the Work Schedule
    • Tracking of the Budget
    • Documentation Controls for Each Discipline
    • Installation Controls
    • Progress Audits
    • Weekly, Monthly Reports Control and Tracking
    • Weekly Meeting Participation, Publication of minutes and Follow-up regularly
    • Quality Control Services
    • Test & Commissioning and Inspection Services

Electrical Consultancy Services

  • Employer Representation, Credit Control Services
  • Technical Assessment, Feasibility, Value Engineering, Budget Analysis Services
  • Quality Application and Control Services
  • Test&Commissioning, Inspection and Documentation Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

UNKA DİZAYN closely follows the developments in the field of engineering and technology in the world and prepares projects in accordance with international standards.

UNKA DİZAYN also performs a competitive performance with the software (Autocad lisps, spreadsheets, performance tracking program, etc.) specially prepared for its own project team.

All designs are implemented with Autodesk REVIT, one of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) tools and UNKA DİZAYN has a lot of certificate of completion work documents.