Our Principles


To be able to meet the expectation of our employer perfectly.


To provide our sustainability, establishing our confidence in a stable travel.


To decrease the cost of our employer by doing Value Engineering.


To do qualified work, making quality an inevitable thing of the work.


To provide a comfortable service to our employer by keeping teamwork at the highest level.


Thinking, getting the team to thin and implement the OHS rules before work.


To give importance to the development of the employees in the company, to encourage trainings to ensure that they are aware of their work.


To provide a working environment where employees can realize their potentials and demonstrate their creativity.


To be sensitive to the values ​​of other companies while protecting the values and culture of UNKA DİZAYN.

Our Goals

UNKA DİZAYN‘s unchanging goal will be sustainable success.

This can be achieved via being a tough competitor for the sector, a new face and a trusting partner for their employers

As a result, it is required to be good. Keeping this goal and ensuring its continuity will be our one and inevitable goal.